The website of multiple disciplinary cancer center (MDCACE), is established for academic communication internationally and aimed to help various cancer patients worldwide. It is a global network platform for high-level medical workers to exchange medical information and experiences, as well as for volunteers to provide public-welfare services for cancer patients. The website does not involve any political or commercial issues, and it does not have any profits. Though the team members try their best to work, but they also have to service clinically for patients, and for laboratory studies. Presently, the expenses of the operation are entirely borne by team members individually. With the development of the website and volunteer team, more and more cancer patients are expected help from the website, and the more and more costs are needed for the activities, so it is too difficult for the team to cope with the expenses. If you are willing to help them to the develop together with the world, you can contact us or contribute directly to their accounts (number: Paypal and in Skrill。They are very grateful for any supports from you. Besides for the website operation, your contributions will be used for medical studies and academic activities of the team, and for poor cancer patients to get better therapies. All contributions will be managed carefully, used reasonably. For those more than $10000, we will consult with the sponsors about the use.

        腫瘤醫學網是由海內外腫瘤醫學臨床醫生和頂級科學家基於國際互聯網自發組建的學術網站,是高層次醫學工作者交流醫學資訊和經驗,並志願為腫瘤患者提供公益服務的全球性網路平臺。本網站不涉及任何政治或商業行為,沒有任何盈利,儘管團隊成員非常努力地工作,但他們還從事繁雜的臨床和實驗室工作。目前網站運營的支出完全由網站成員個人承擔。隨著事務的發展,需要我們幫助的腫瘤患者越來越多,網站運營需要的費用也越來越多,僅憑團隊成員已經很難應對。如果您有意幫助網站發展,可以聯繫我們,或者直接通過網站在Paypal 和 Skrill 開設的帳號提供資助(帳號。您任何性質的支持都令我們萬分感激。您的資助主要用於團隊成員的科研學術和支持貧困腫瘤患者。我們收到的所有資助經費都會受到嚴格管理和合理支配,對於壹萬美元以上的資助,我們會與資助人協商使用。


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